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We are growing throughout Pennsylvania and expanding in Delaware and New Jersey

This is Who We Are

Welcome to Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc.

Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc. is a provider of high quality services and supports for individuals with Behavioral Health Needs and/or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.





Join us in Donating to Our Local Charities

We love being apart of our Community and your Support
means so much to us and other Local Charities

What Are our Beliefs


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful day each and every day. With the proper support, everyone can maximize their potential. We value respect, choice and a family environment.

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Improve Self-Esteem

Through belonging comes confidence, with confidence and opportunity comes friendships, through social capital comes feeling valued. We offer opportunities for employment, community activities and activities in a safe home environment.


Quality of Life

We are very proud of the homes we have to offer to the individuals we serve. They are safe, clean and located in integrated communities across PA. We believe the care we offer is unmatched due to our family/team process which meets the individual needs of each person we serve.


Caring Administrative Team

Our leaders model our values: Respect, Choice, High Quality Care: including Health and Safety and motivation to create the opportunity for a meaningful day for everyone every day. We believe open, respectful communication builds strong relationships at every level of service.


Family Atmosphere

Your loved ones become a part of our family. We believe a healthy family supports each other unconditionally on good days and when there are challenges. We Care! To us this means taking pride in being present with those we serve as we assist them with their personal, unique needs and interests.

Meet Our Executive Team

A Great Organization Starts with Great Individuals

Our executive team is comprised of devoted and passionate human services leaders
who's lifelong mission is to care for others.

Our Recent and Upcoming Events

We Care

Our goal is to make a difference in our communities and
create a positive impact with your help.

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Here's what People are Saying about SCFF

We help families and those family members with disabilities enjoy a better quality of life.

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